Immigration Services

Linkinn offers end-to-end services for those intending to migrate abroad. There are a few countries that currently have a point-based immigration programme for those who want to work and settle there. There are a number of categories through which aspiring migrants can file their applications. Occupations that are in demand get bonus points and are processed faster; these vary from one country to another.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a huge step forward in life. However, when you decide to choose a counsellor to guide you in this process, you are faced with a stark reality. Most admissions counsellors are just salesmen trying to sell you admissions without taking into consideration your long term career goals. Different from most of the consultants we don’t lure students with discounts and free services but instead guide our students to shape up a successful career by partnering with us. We choose the right university and course customized to meet your long term career goals

Overseas Placement

Upon completion of the initial profile summary form, Linkinn places their resumes on its hot list. Overseas employers access this list to seek candidates who suit their requirements. If an employer is interested in an applicant’s profile, a Linkinn recruiter will contact that person to coordinate an interview and take the process forward. Upon confirmation of offer the applicants are charged for these services as per the recruitment norms of the mentioned country.

Concierge Services

Linkinn Concierge is a service-oriented process that intends to deliver value to our customers & continuously improve our service offerings. Linkinn Concierge’s experience is backed by a vast network of resources which drives our success today. We help you manage your ‘To Do’ list by cutting down your personal time you would spend standing in long queues at the banks/universities/government offices or elsewhere.